Are you investing in your self?

Most of the time, people think of or look for opportunities to invest – which are outside of one self. I mean things like, financial instruments, real estate, gold etc. Once you take up a job, majority of folks forget about consciously spending time and effort in continuous improvement or learning. After spending a decade or so, they realize there is wide gap amongst the same batch of people who graduated together. Instead of focussing on, Did/Am I spending time to learn or acquire new skills, people look for excuses or complain about the system.

What are the reasons or factors contributing for this gap? Want to know more on this?

If you happen to be one of them or want to know the factors that caused the gap and how to bridge the gap and get back on track – please send an email to!!


Want to be successful in life?

Answer the 2 most important questions and you will be successful.

Q1. What are my signature strengths?

Q2. Which companies, institutions and situations value the most what I do?

Michael Phelps and Winston Churchill became famous and successful because of .. not in spite of … their eccentricities. The key to success is to know what do well and what kind of work environment would allow you to do it!!! What that implies is, you got to  “Align” your strengths to the right environment which allows you to perform best!!!

The next question most of the people will have is, how to find the answer to the top 2 questions? It requires a lot of introspection to know you well and be honest with yourself. Once you find the answers from within, success just follows you like a shadow!!