Traits of productive people

Productive people have a success recipe which they follow and adhere to, all the time. This is applicable to any line of business not just software development. By developing these traits, people can be 3 to 5 times more productive than they are now.

  1. Set stretch goals or be unrealistic with your goals : : This makes them focussed and eliminates all distractions. There is a magic that happens when individual gets riveted to a stretch goal – he or she gets challenged which motivates them to go after the goal;
  2. Persistency and Consistency : Take one day at a time and deliver results. Any thing can be mastered when an individual is persistent and consistently work on it. The key is, make progress everyday.
  3. Results oriented – measure, monitor and improve is the mantra for results. Always measure themselves against the bench marks available and compete with others and within;
  4. Domain/local/technical knowledge and expertise – study, learn, understand, experiment, explore and seek help from others. Do not hesitate to ask for help and collaborate with others. Be and create a master mind around “You”
  5. Be proactive & be a problem solver – they are always proactive and don’t wait to hear about a problem. They anticipate and come up with alternatives.
  6. Be a team player : : They are very easy to work with and collaborate with people. They always work towards the team winning than being an individual hero!!
  7. Action oriented – they take initiative and take action. They never look or seek permission;